Design professionals understand the influence of design in the built environment. Cassidy understands the influence of words in the legal environment.

Cassidy has a great appreciation for the power that words have on the outcome of a case. Whether a legal issue hinges on the language used in a contract or the development of nuanced arguments advanced in a legal brief, Cassidy recognizes that words matter when advocating on behalf of a client.

While completing clerkships in D.C. Superior Court with the Honorable Jennifer M. Anderson, the Honorable Robert Okun, and the Honorable Carmen G. McLean, Cassidy saw first-hand how well-crafted briefs influence the outcome of a case. Cassidy’s love of language, however, began before her clerkships, as she pursued a Master’s in English while she was in law school. These experiences sharpened the critical thinking skills she now leverages on behalf of her clients to frame arguments without losing sight of the details.

Cassidy also tailors her arguments to the intended audience. She understands that the most effective form of communication may vary depending on whether the legal concept at issue is being presented to a judge, jury, client, or opposing party, and tailors the argument accordingly to maximize its effectiveness. Whether on a page or in a courtroom, Cassidy simplifies complex ideas to achieve successful outcomes for her clients.


University of Notre Dame School of Law, J.D.
University of Notre Dame, M.A.
University of Georgia, B.A. (summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa)